Silver Medal at Brazil Design Awards BRAZIL, 2020

42nd Vladimir Herzog Journalistic Award for Amnesty and Human Rights, multimedia journalistic production category, Brazil, 2020


Multimedia journalistic special developed for Repórter Brasil, a non-profit organization of investigative journalism. The report exposes the territorial disputes and violence suffered by communities in the northern region of Minas Gerais, around the São Francisco River.

The project's proposal was to provide the Brazilian society with all aspects of the story in a way that it could be easily understood. We started from a people-centered design and the concept of humanization of data and information to build the visual narrative that, starting from the river map, since the report takes place on its banks, was designed to tell the story of the residents of these communities.

Despite the team's previous experience with editorial design projects, for this project, we decided to develop it from the perspectives of people-centered design and humanization of data/information. We prioritized how the connection between reader and content would be, so that all navigation and experience would bring readers closer to the perspective of the community residents. From this decision, all our effort was focused on the reader's accessibility to the project, we studied a comfortable text layout, created micro-editions, and photo galleries so that the reader could have other ways to access the story.