Selected for the Ibero-American Design Biennial, Madrid, 2022

43rd Vladimir Herzog Journalistic Award for Amnesty and Human Rights, multimedia journalistic production category, Brazil, 2021


"Mercury" is a production of InfoAmazonia, an independent network of journalists that uses data to tell stories about the main environmental issues in the nine countries of the Amazon. The report investigates the use of mercury in illegal mining in the Amazon and was conducted in Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela, and Brazil over a year.

We were responsible for developing a multimedia special that accommodated the extensive reports, which were interspersed with editorial features such as eyes, quotes, and quotes to make reading more dynamic and comfortable. The content also explores photo and video content, making navigation more impactful. The work was done in partnership with journalists from Armando.Info in Venezuela and Fantástico (TV Globo) in Brazil.

The special also features a story map, a resource used to streamline content in a more interactive and condensed way. Through brief texts, photos, and graphics, it is possible to navigate the map with quicker access to the main highlights of the report.