Trop is the trend-focused nucleus for Latin America within the Consumoteca Group. In Trop's perspective, everyone is both a creator and a follower of trends, and the hierarchy between center and periphery is replaced by a global circular movement of new ideas and behaviors.

In this project, our mission was to visually translate this vision, as well as the research and analysis methodology developed by Trop, using datavis, creating materials for promotion, pre and post-campaign landing pages, and templates for reports that present research results to clients. All of this while respecting the brand's tropical, youthful, and pop microcosm.

The highlight of the work is the trend radar, a dashboard that translates the strength of different analyzed variables divided into three cyclical stages: imagination, identification, and appropriation. The radar adds credibility to the methodology by explaining the structure and criteria that underlie the research. We also developed infographics and visualizations for supplementary data that provide detailed context for each trend.

Furthermore, to introduce Trop to the audience, we created a website with animations and a special navigation for the trend radar, where each of its layers is separated by scrolling, making it easier to understand the organization of information.​​​​​​​